Mother's Day Portraits | Free Family Funday | May 2024


For this month’s project, we will be making self-portraits inspired by both Mary Proctor and local artist Anthony Darby. These self-portraits are a chance for young artists to create portraiture that bends the rules! Try creating a portrait in the style of Anthony’s work with twisted perspective and adding unexpected materials like buttons, beads, and even pennies to your work like Mary Proctor! Add final touches with stamps or words and values that are important to you.


Oil Pastels
Ink Pads
Buttons, beads, pennies, etc.

Start by gluing down a penny or a button in the middle of your paper.
Use an oil pastel to draw out the lines of the profile, starting with the eye. To mimic Anthony’s style, try drawing the lips from a front perspective instead of the side!
Use different colors for each feature such as the hair, eyes, and lips.
Use stamps to add patterns in the background, as well as oil pastels.
Make final touches like filling in the face or adding special features to the face!

May 20241
May 2024


  • Sunday, May 12, 2024 | 12:00 PM - 04:30 PM
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