Museum Staff

Shannon Fitzgerald
Executive Director 
The Mennello Museum of American Art and Public Art, City of Orlando

Katherine Page
Curator, Art and Education

Emily Phillinger McVeigh

Emily Jensen
Development Assistant
407.246.4278 ext. 4860

Linda R. Pereira
Senior Administrative Assistant
407.246.4278 ext. 4861

Anne Peoples
Staff Assistant

Rayne Garcia
Staff Assistant

Bianca Bundy
Staff Assistant

The Mennello Museum of American Art does not encourage unsolicited materials (slides, prints, CDs, DVDs, digital submission etc.) from artists or their agents. However, artists or agents who choose to submit work for consideration should review the museum’s mission statement carefully. A full proposal, comprising an artist’s statement, exhibition description, object list with dimensions and special handling or display requirements, sample images, and, most importantly, statement of relevance to the Mennello Museum of American Art’s mission may be sent to our Curator of Art and Education, Katherine Page by email at Any submissions not containing all five of these components will not be considered. Please bear in mind that the museum schedules its exhibition calendar a minimum of two years ahead and are curated and selected internally, not by a committee or jury.

It is not the museum’s policy to set up appointments with artists to review their work. The museum is not obligated to return materials without a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Under no circumstances may artists send or drop off original works. The museum is not responsible for the safety of original works or guarantee against any loss of mailed materials.