Let it Go & Flow | Free Family Funday | March 2024


This month’s project is being led by local artist, Tasanee Durrett! She has created a project inspired by the works of Nellie Mae Rowe! Blind Contour Drawing lets your hand unleash its hidden talents! In this activity, children and families will strengthen focus skills and self-expression by drawing objects without looking at their paper. One Line drawings show that with imagination and concentration, there’s so much beauty waiting to be drawn out!

Alcohol Markers
Oil Pastels
Objects to look at & draw!

To begin, observe your still life object closely. You will drawing this object without looking down at your paper!
As your eyes stay glued on the curves and lines of the object, slowly guide your marker along an outline that you can see. Let your hand float freely, drawing the object’s shape from your mind’s eye. Resist peeking down at the paper!
Once you feel you are finished, take a look at the paper and see what you’ve created! Comparing your Blind Contour with the original object reveals how each child’s unique focus and instincts shine. Use oil pastels to add final touches and fill in your object!

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  • Sunday, March 10, 2024 | 12:00 PM - 04:30 PM
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