Watercolor Snowflakes | Free Family Funday | January 2024

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This month, we will be creating patterned paper snowflakes that will swirl with color! For our final Free Family Funday of the In Nature’s Studio exhibition, we will be making snowflakes inspired by the snowy, winter landscapes featured in the exhibition! To do so, we will be cutting shapes that, once opened up, become repeating patterns that transform coffee filters into snowflakes! No two snowflakes are alike, so try cutting different shapes and patterns into the snowflakes to see what you can create! Then, using the watercolor ink, see how the colors mix to create new colors!


Large Paper
Coffee Filters
Liquid Watercolor

Start by folding your coffee filter in half. Then, fold it in half three more times.
Trace one of the templates onto your folded filter (if doing at home, try your best to copy the templates on the reverse side of the flyer)
Cut out the filter along the traced lines.
Open the filter and use the dropper to apply the liquid watercolor.
Hang to dry and you’re finished!



  • Sunday, January 14, 2024 | 12:00 PM - 04:30 PM
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