Personifying Color Blobs | Free Family Funday | August 2022

In August, our mission is to turn fun, colorful, blobs of glow in the dark color into human or animal figures! This month’s project is inspired by Gene Beecher.

Gene Beecher's mysterious paintings began with broad, spontaneous movements where he painted large areas of only color, called a color field, onto his canvas or board. As he painted, “unseen friends” would start to stand out to him – like looking at and finding shapes in the clouds. Once he could see the person in the colorful fields of paint, he would add the details so that the viewer of the painting could too.

1. Begin by painting shapes lightly onto your canvas, they can go anywhere you want them to go, anywhere you feel like they should – this is painting intuitively.

This is a good time to play with color theory, take a look at the color wheel for more ideas!

2. Once you come to a point where your entire canvas is filled with areas of color, use your imagination to find the subject matter in your painting.

3. Finally, use darker colors to add the details that you see!




  • Sunday, August 14, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 04:30 PM
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