Mixed Media Masterpieces | Free Family Funday | April 2024

Nejeri Kinuthia FFF

This month we are continuing our partnership with local Orlando artists with Njeri Kinuthia! For this project, we will use beads and fabric to create collages and sculptures inspired by Bessie Harvey. Harvey’s use of brightly colored beads connects to Njeri’s collage creation Star of Hope. We will use twigs to create the sculptures, similar to Harvey’s tree root sculptures, wrapping them in beads and fabric or painting on them! We hope this project inspires joy and a connection to nature.

Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Natural wood branches/twigs

For this collage project, you will want to have various materials such as the ones listed!
To make a 3D sculpture, use tree branches and twigs. Use hot glue to adhere beads and fabric. Paint with acrylic paint.
For a 2D collage, cut out fabric into desired shapes. Use glue to adhere fabric and beads. Paint with acrylic.
As for designs, try to get inspired by the shapes and forms found in nature! There are no rules for how or why you use your materials!




  • Sunday, April 14, 2024 | 12:00 PM - 04:30 PM
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