Mennello Museum of American Art Welcomes 8 New Board Members to its Friends of the Mennello Museum of American Art

Orlando, FL — June 5, 2018

Mennello Museum of American Art, its staff, and Friends of the Mennello Museum of American Art Board of Directors extend a heartfelt welcome to the newest members of our Board of Directors: Denise Autorino, Jeffrey Gitto, Sarah Grafton, Dr. Manuel Perez, Paul T. Scarborough, Andrea Sider, Jan Staniszkis and John Upperco.

Through personal investment and enthusiasm, committee participation, and service as community ambassadors, our Friends Board enables the Museum to remain a cultural jewel for Orlando and all of Central Florida. The new Board Members bring a wide range of experience, expertise, and passion to the museum, especially at a time of new invigoration and future advancement.  The addition of these eight leaders increase the Board by 40% and reflects forward thinking and exciting new leadership making great additions to the long-time stewardship of all members.

The Friends’ leadership and support provide critical funding for all our mission-driven programs to include the production and presentation of innovative and timely exhibitions, the generation of smart and rewarding education programs for people of all ages and abilities, vital marketing, and professional staff.

Walter A. Ketcham, Jr., Vice President, Friends Board shares: “With the addition of these new members, our board continues to be in good hands and ready to face the future including commencing our campaign to enlarge our museum.”

Shannon Fitzgerald, Executive Director, states “It has been a privilege to cultivate and get to know our new Board Members and I embrace their contributions to the museum at this exciting time of growth.  Their support helps us deliver our mission to our diverse audiences every day- as we enter our 20th year and work to define our bright future, I am grateful for their generous support and advocacy.”

Friends of the Mennello Museum of American Art
Board of Directors

Denise Autorino | Sam Azar | David Cross | Jeffrey Gitto | Sarah Grafton | Allan Keen | Mary C. Kenny | Vanessa Ketcham, Secretary | Walter A. Ketcham, Jr., Vice President | Sharon Line Clary | Howard Marks | Genean McKinnon | Michael A. Mennello, Founder & President | Dr. Manuel Perez | Paul T. Scarborough | Andrea Sider | Ross Silverbach | James Southall, Finance Chair &Treasurer |Michael Stewart | Jan Staniszkis | John Upperco





Courtesy of the Mennello Museum of American Art.


Mission, Vision and Values

The Mennello Museum of American Art endeavors to preserve, exhibit, and interpret our outstanding permanent collection of paintings by Earl Cunningham. The Mennello Museum of American Art also seeks to enrich the public through temporary exhibitions, programs, educational initiatives, and publications that celebrate other outstanding traditional and contemporary American art and artists across a broad range of disciplines to reflect the rich diversity of American art, while making it accessible to all. The Museum also shares extraordinary works of American art donated by our founders, the Honorable Marilyn Logsdon Mennello and Michael A. Mennello.

The vision of the Mennello Museum of American Art to be a distinguished and thriving institution that will build on its City of Orlando base of support through strong board and community relationships resulting in an improved operating environment and a reputation for being a local and national treasure.

Quality. We believe the City of Orlando deserves only the best; we aim to excel at everything we do.

Accessibility. We believe in creating a welcoming space and experience for all; we are friendly, welcome diversity, and are inclusive of all.

Curiosity. We never stop learning or thinking; we continually push boundaries and explore new ideas and strive to remain relevant and provide meaningful experiences.

Collaboration. We believe community partners are essential to mutual success; we work to build relationships and co-create with individuals and organizations.

Stewardship. The Museum will serve in perpetuity; to ensure this, we build and care for our collections, make smart use of our financial resources, and continually invest in our future.

Accountability. We exist to benefit the community; we demonstrate our success and value to the residents of Orlando and our visitors.

About the Museum

The Mennello Museum of American Art, owned and operated by the City of Orlando, is located on the beautiful shore of Lake Formosa in Orlando’s Loch Haven Cultural Park. The museum provides residents and visitors welcoming opportunities to understand and value creativity through innovative experiences with art further connecting it to nature and communal gathering. Our goal is to encourage creative and diverse experiences with art that nurtures audiences while reflecting the dynamic relationship between art and society.  In addition to housing the permanent collection of folk modernist Earl Cunningham, the museum presents temporary exhibitions that feature a broad range of American art from traditional to contemporary practices.

On view through June 10, 2018, When the Water Rises: Recent Paintings by Julie Heffernan

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The Mennello Museum is located at 900 E. Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32803.

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The exhibitions and the Mennello Museum of American Art are generously supported by the City of Orlando and Friends of The Mennello Museum of American Art. Additional funding is provided by Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program and United Arts of Central Florida. Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

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Francesca Ascione
Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator
The Mennello Museum of American Art and Public Art, City of Orlando