2017 Mennello Museum Invitational

February 14 – March 3

The inaugural Mennello Museum Invitational, a group exhibition at The Mennello Museum of American Art, highlights new work by contemporary regional artists whose art enriches our community and our lives in Central Florida. A goal of the exhibition is to share the work of local artists, with a broader audience and encourage collecting art on a local level.

Open on Valentine’s Day, February 14, this exhibition, on view in the museum’s Marilyn Gallery, serves asa heart-filled embrace of our creative community, provides an opportunity to experience work fresh out of the studios, and delivers a contemplation of current thought, interest, and inspiration driving the ambitions of ten Orlando-based artists in dialogue with one another.

The Invitational aims to share recent work in painting and sculpture and a variety of expressions and interests within each medium from abstraction to representational; from marble to clay, and
from oil to acrylic. Inaugural artists include Victor Bokas, Shosh C., Mindy Colton, Nancy Jay, Richard Munster, Jackie Otto Miller, Victor Quino, Maria Ramos, Paul T. Scarborough, and Katty
Smith, all artists contributing to the quality of our creative life in Orlando.

All work in the exhibition, and more, will be featured and available for purchase at the 14th annual An Evening with Fabulous Friends Gala on Saturday, March 4, at The Four Seasons Resort
Orlando at Walt Disney World.

The Mennello Museum thanks all artists for their generosity in donating 50% (or more) of all sales to benefit The Mennello Museum’s art and education programs.

The Mennello Museum Invitational is curated by Paul T. Scarborough, Shannon Fitzgerald, and Katherine Navarro as an invitation to artists to present work in a group exhibition while
supporting both the museum and the artists. It is an exciting time to be an artist in Orlando, and this is one way the museum can support artists who live and work in our neighborhoods with visibility, peer collegiality, museum presentation, and introductions to collectors.