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Flynn Dobb’s Curated Booth
This local artist booth consists of unique young talent represented in the Orlando area, including 2019 Indie-Folkfest Featured Artist Peterson Guerrier. Stop by and meet the group, see how they work and even take a piece home!

Capture the Earth Photography
Nature and animals are Josh’s  preferred subject matter, but he also photographs people, places and things that are intriguing and interesting.

Kayla Oceana
Inspired by my understanding of our oceans and the travels I’ve experienced, I work to shed light on the idea of creative, sustainable living.  I am a conservation educator here to share creativity, insight and ideas for how you can live a more sustainable, yet beautiful life.

Copper plate Etching Printmaking Fine Artist Chelsea Smith grew up living between Casselberry, Florida and staying summers in Nottingham, England and Derry, Northern Ireland. She is a Fine Arts Graduate of the University of Central Florida. She leverages renaissance era techniques and materials within neoclassical art to produce original fine art.

Anayansi Jones
My work is fueled by my current state of mind or emotions and I often use representational images that have been distorted. There is no right or wrong way of representing emotions, however, I find myself-drawn to the human figure and nature. A distortion of reality either through color, line, or abstraction of representation can be seen in majority of my artworks. I am acutely interested in the essence of an object as shown through my abstract ceramics. However, with my paintings I’m interested in the ever-changing landscape and the abstraction of how nature makes me feel. My work is about the moment. It’s spontaneous and often reflects the process of how it came to be as if it was it’s own being.

Bet’s Bars
Soap art: Natural, vegan, handcrafted, cold process soap with intricate designs. I also make sugar scrubs, body butter, bug spray, bath fizz, and lip balm.

Carla Poma Jewelry
Jewelry for the confident woman who loves to shine. Handcrafted using high-quality gemstones, silver, gold fill and brass.

Gidget is dedicated to providing a memorable experience while offering eclectic, fun and novelty items. Mobile boutique carrying an assortment of jewelry, art, apparel and accessories from indie brands and makers from the US.

My creations are inspired by Mother Earth, and aim to expose her magic to the lives of others. My art incorporates moss/lichen into coasters, jewelry, and wall décor, handsewn water bottle carriers, plant hangers, macrame mirrors, crystal jewelry, and terrariums featruing hand collected moss/plants.

UnchARTed Art Designs
In 2016, “Purposely Creative” was founded by Yesenia S. Buisson. It became an escape for her art and a platform to simply share something she loved. Soon after, her sister, Jasmine Ramirez joined her to expand in creating a platform to share their God given talents. In 2018, they joined forces in a joint venture and thus was created “unchARTed”. The art enthusiast sisters who had only dreamed of creating a platform and community/network for sharing their passion, have now expanded and tapped into uncharted territory. They were even featured in 1340 Art Magazine, an international art platform reaching hundreds of thousands of art lovers and collectors. Now, they have expanded their vision and are taking up the Orlando art community by storm. They continue to grow artistically and bring new techniques and eclectic styles of art to the Central Florida art scene.

Tony Garan
Central Florida Outsider Artist working in acrylics, sculpture, spray paint and colored pencils presenting a collection of 16” x 20” small works and drawings along with several paintings on canvas, glass, and wood.  Garan will also have drawer portraits, which consist of found, upcycled objects to look like faces in drawers.

All of Lure Paper Goods‘ cards, journals and posters are designed by us and printed by hand in our studio. We aim to say the things you want to say in a fresh way. Our cards are personal. They’re extensions of our personalities and interests. They may be inspired by a love of all things vintage. They may make you laugh. They may raise an eyebrow.

John Baker
Specializing in Black and White Photography with the option of Custom Framing

Jon Napoles
A self-described Southern Fauve, Jon Napoles paints vivid themes of Southern Revelry on reclaimed window panes. His media also include acrylic on panel.

Creative extraordinaire Dawn Schreiner is set to debut her Star Valentines at the Indie-Folkfest! We are convinced this thoughtful illustrator, visual storyteller and folk artist never sleeps, judging by her incredible energy and output, including daily posts of timely illustrations on her Facebook page.

Life’s Palette crafts living succulents and air plants artfully into new homes of found wood and shells!

Annette King
Annette King creates art-to-wear dresses, jackets, handbags, and onesies made from vintage handkerchiefs and lace!

Lady Lion Creations
Handmade flower crowns for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, festivals, celebrations. Because life is better with flowers in your hair…

Kathy Ivers
Kathy is a folk and jazz singer since the age of seven and has been painting her whole life. She wants to show the world what she feels through her art.

Just Okay Things & Leviathan Artworks
Just Okay and Leviathan Artworks offer originally designed and hand-printed shirts and other accessories like pins and stickers. They have handmade art prints made with traditional methods such as woodcut and copper etching. Their goal is to provide people with unique t-shirts that make them feel good when they are wearing them and inevitably complemented in them!

Kicking Cones
Katrina Constantine is a comic artist and illustrator from Orlando. Specializing in digital art, Constantine began teaching herself to illustrate digitally in 2001 and launched her own blog, Kicking Cones, in 2010. Constantine constructs witty and touching illustrations infused with meaning in short comics featuring her dogs, famous penguins and a cast of light-hearted, personified flora and fauna.

All of our jewelry is completely created by us. We take pride in coming up with beautiful, balanced pieces that reflect our journey, the places we’ve been and the things we love. There are always new pieces being added and original creations being revamped– grab something that speaks to you!

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