Construct: Our Orlando & American Youth: Cause

(October 2, 2020 – January 10, 2021)

Construct: Our Orlando presents artists Don Rimx (b. San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1981) and the collective Lemon Press [Anna Cruz (b. Manila, Philippines, 1992) and Adam Lavigne (b. Hillsboro, Missouri, 1988)]. In their individual practices, Don Rimx examines the shaping of Afro-Caribbean American identity through the lens of anatomy, place, and portraiture, while Lemon Press explore visual mapping of both time and language through storytelling and communication. These artists consider oppositions and challenge what has traditionally been considered high and low in art – classic and historic elements of drawing, mural making, print, and illustration converge in vibrant contemporary portraits and invented narratives that immediately draw the viewer into the canvas searching for a new way of perceiving the world through the artists’ creations.

The exhibition American Youth: Cause provides a space for the developing voices of our talented Orlando teen residents to engage in conversation about their own art and ideas. Exhibited artists were selected by museum Curator of Art and Education, Katherine Page, after an open call to all students throughout Orange County to explore the multiple definitions and meanings of “cause” in their artwork. From motivation and origination to principle, subject matter, and action – the cause belongs in the hands of the artist. Eight finalists were chosen for this juried exhibition based on the excellence of their work and personal narratives of their creative processes.

Maria Arias Correa (12th Grade, Cypress Creek High School)

Taylor Davidson (11th Grade, Boone High School)

Miller Georgoudiou (10th Grade, Edgewater High School)

Kiley Mack (10th Grade, Boone High School)

Lindsay Merrill (12th Grade, Bishop Moore Catholic)

Leliet Moran (11th Grade, Cypress Creek High School)

Amaya Nash (11th Grade, Boone High School)

Mackenzie Werking (10th Grade, Boone High School

Read about Don Rimx and Lemon Press’ work in the e-publication. (English Language)

Read about Don Rimx and Lemon Press’ work in the e-publication. (Spanish Language )

Read about Don Rimx and Lemon Press’ work in the e-publication. (Tagalog Language )