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Contemporary Expressions

(January 21, 2022 – May 30, 2022)

Mennello Museum of America Art presents a curated suite of prints from prominent contemporary artists working with master printmakers at University of Central Florida’s Flying Horse Editions. The City of Orlando Public Art has supported FHE’s print portfolio collection program from its inception over a decade ago, resulting in the esteemed collection of over 50 unique editions of works on paper, metal, and glass by world-renowned artists like Diana Al-Hadid, Chakaia Booker, Johanna Calle, Inka Essenhigh, Mark Thomas Gibson, and Jiha Moon, among many more.

Through the Darkness to Light: Photographing the Underground Railroad

(November 19, 2021– January 9, 2022)

While honoring the historical necessity of the movement’s secrecy, Through Darkness to Light: Photographing the Underground Railroad provides visitors with a small glimpse of what the long road to freedom may have looked like for 100,000 enslaved Americans in the years before the Civil War’s end. Over the course of a decade, photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales researched those brave men and women, their collective steps toward liberation, and the complicated paths that led them there—with the hope that visitors might learn more, ask questions, and open dialogue on the subject, all toward better understanding how we all are connected.