City-Appointed Board of Trustees

Gretchen Hahn, Chair
Andre Young, Vice Chair
Will Benton
Teresa Campbell
Sarah Elger
Greg Mason
Alexandra Steele
Luis Zapata, Jr.

Friends of The Mennello Museum of American Art

Michael A. Mennello, Founder & President
Walter Ketcham, Vice President
James Southall, Treasurer
Vanessa Ketcham, Secretary
Sam Azar
Allan Keen
Mary C. Kenny Thwaites
Sharon Line Clary
Howard Marks
Genean McKinnon
Ross Silverbach
Michael Stewart

City-Appointed Public Art Advisory Board

James Lussier, Esq., Chair
Azela M. Santana, Vice Chair
Ashley L. Brown
Thevenin J. Campton
Roberto Gonzalez
Terrance M. Hunter
Jackie Otto Miller