Docent Guided Tours

We endeavor to engage our visitors in participatory learning through the visual arts, empower them to have confidence in active discussions, and inspire their creativity in art making.

Experience captivating American Art with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide! Docent guided tours are typically one hour long and can conclude with a lovely picnic in our Marilyn L. Mennello Sculpture Garden.

Tours and Field trips are tailored to the age of participants. Content can be matched to specific concepts and topics being studied too!

Price Per Individual
Student Tour – $1
Student Tour with Art Activity – $2
Adult, Teacher, Chaperone – $5

*Please call for reservations at least two weeks in advance of desired tour date.

For more information contact:
Katherine Navarro
Marilyn L. Mennello Associate Curator of Education
407.246.4278 ext. 4861

Interested in being a docent? Fill out the application.
Please send your application to Katharine Navarro,

School Field Trips

Our docent tour guides facilitate educational exploration using Sunshine State Standards and can adapt their teaching styles to all age levels and topics of interest.

Touring Hours
Tuesday – Friday
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. or 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Featured Tours
• Earl Cunningham
• Sculpture Garden
• Temporary Exhibitions
• Art Project

Two Topics
30 Minutes each, Art Immersion

Three Topics
20 Minutes each, Art Engagement

Four Topics
15 Minutes each, Art Captivation

At the end of a tour, students will have:
• Defined elements and composition of art using appropriate terminology
• Demonstrated understanding of visual art pieces through respectful peer discussion
• Provided evidence to support decisions and opinions

Individual Pricing
Student Tour: $1
Student Tour with Art Activity: $2
Adult, Teacher, Chaperone: $5

Park cars or vans with ease in our attached lot. Buses can drop off in front and park across street.

Pack a lunch and picnic in our serene and shaded sculpture garden on the shores of Lake Formosa under expansive oak and magnolia tree leaves.

Tours for Scouts

Our docents can also tailor their teaching to scouting badges, which we like to relate directly to our exhibitions and your interests! Here are a few examples of what we can do for you during a tour:

Girl Scout Badge Fulfillments

Girl Scout’s Brownie Painting Badge. Legacy: Artist
Step 1: Get Inspired
Step 2: Paint the Real World

Girl Scout’s Junior Drawing Badge. Legacy: Artist
Step 2: Learn how to add shading
Step 3: Get some perspective

Girl Scout’s Cadette Outdoor Art Apprentice
Step 1: Dig into an artist who is inspired by nature

Girl Scout’s Senior Outdoor Art Expert
Step 1: Find at least three or more public artworks outdoors.

Girl Scout’s Ambassador Outdoor Art Master
Step 1: Make art indoors and outdoors.

Inspired? Do More! Make an art piece on your own, inspired by a woman artist whose art is influenced by the outdoors.

Boy Scout Badge Fulfillments

Boy Scout’s Art Merit Badge

  1. Render a subject of your choice in FOUR of these ways: c,d,g or h
  2. With your parent’s permission and your counselor’s approval, visit a museum, art exhibit, art gallery, artist’s co-op, or artist’s workshop. Find out about the art displayed or created there.

Boy Scout’s Webelo Adventure Workbook: Art Explosion

  1. Visit an art museum, gallery or exhibit
  2. Do two of the following
  3. Draw or paint an original picture outdoors.
  4. Create an object using clay that can be fired, baked in the oven, or air dried